Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) is one of the largest and most diverse health regions in Canada. It is responsible for providing health care to more than 700,000 people living in the City of Winnipeg as well as the surrounding Rural Municipalities of East and West St. Paul and the Town of Churchill, located in northern Manitoba.   

The WRHA also provides health care support and specialty referral services to nearly 500,000 Manitobans who live outside its boundaries as well as residents of northwestern Ontario and Nunavut who require the speciality referral services and expertise available in Winnipeg.

With an annual operating budget of nearly $2.4 billion dollars, the WRHA operates or funds over 200 health service facilities and programs, which employ approximately 28,000 people working within the health region..

Aboriginal Health Program

AHP - Workforce Development strives to develop a representative workforce within the Winnipeg Health Region that reflects the cultural population of Winnipeg. Activities include recruitment of qualified Aboriginal people, promotion of employment within the Winnipeg Health Region for Aboriginal youth, and the development of retention strategies for existing Aboriginal health care workers.

There are many career opportunities within the Winnipeg Health Region and AHP - Workforce Development wants to help link you to positions available within your field.

Aboriginal Youth and Students

There are over 65 types of jobs in the Winnipeg Health Region and the type of education you need varies depending on the career you are interested in.

Consider applying for the WRHA Connecting Work Placement Program which has Summer Employment and Volunteer Placement opportunities for First Nations, Inuit and Métis students.

There are many great resources for Aboriginal youth looking to attend school for a health-care career. Aboriginal Health Programs can help connect you to information.. Also feel free to contact us.

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