Training and Education Requirements

Requirements in training, education, and experience depend on the kind of career or position you are planning to pursue.

Manitoba offers many good educational institutions that provide the education credentials you need to enter the health field and a list can be found here.

How much training do you need?

Five months to one year

Medical Secretary, Health Care Aide/Home Care Attendant, Paramedic, Dental Assistant

One to two years

Health Records Technician, Rehabilitation Assistant, License Practical Nurse

Three years

Medical Laboratory Technologist, Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray), Health Care Manager

Four years

Athletic Therapist, Dietician, Dental Hygienist, Midwife, Radiation Therapist, Registered Nurse (BM, RP

Fice years

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Pharmacist, Optometrist,

Five years plus

Audiologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Physician, Psychologist, Nurse Practitioner, Dentist, Chiropractor, Physician Assistant