Terms of Reference

Membership of the Alliance

Membership in the Alliance is voluntary. The Alliance is open to the following:

  • Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs - One representative
  • Health Canada, First Nations, Inuit Health Branch -  Two AHHRI Coordinator representatives
  • Manitoba Office of Rural and Northern Health - One representative
  • Regional Health Authorities - Five representatives. One representative from each of the five authorities
  • First Nations - Nine representatives. One health directors from each Tribal Council and two health directors from independent First Nations communities

Additional membership is to be determined by the Alliance.

Mandate of the Alliance


Working together to build a sustainable and representative First Nation health workforce.


To use collaborative leadership to build a sustainable and representative First Nation health workforce through sharing of information on initiatives to support:

  • Promotion of health careers for First Nation people;
  • Training and education for First Nation people; and
  • Employment of First Nation people in health related occupations and professions.

Responsibilities of Members of the Alliance

In order to implement the mandate of the Alliance, the following responsibilities are required of members of the Alliance:

  • Attend meetings, as scheduled.
  • Participate in meetings to share information on progress, challenges, opportunities or common issues.
  • Make decisions for your organization, as required, to support the work of the Alliance.
  • Make recommendations on improving Alliance linkages and efficiencies consistent with the vision, mission and strategies of the Alliance.
  • Work towards implementation of improvements agreed to by the Alliance.
  • Report to your organization on the activities of the Alliance as per your organization’s policies.

Alliance Operations and Authority

The Alliance will meet a minimum of two (2) times a year, with the addition of as many other meetings as deemed necessary.

At least two-thirds (2/3) of the Alliance members (12 of 18) must be present to constitute a quorum.

In order for a motion to be approved, two-thirds (2/3) of the Alliance members must be in agreement with the motion. 

During the first two formative years of the Alliance, the Chair of the Alliance, along with secretariat support, shall be provided by the Manitoba Office of Rural and Northern Health.

The Chair shall have a vote.

After the formative period, Alliance members shall elect a Chair from amongst the Alliance members. The Chair will serve a two-year, non-renewable term.

Alliance members shall arrange for and approve secretariat support.

The Alliance may establish working groups to carry on its business.

No one member of the Alliance has the authority to bind the Alliance or any other member of the Alliance for any matter.