Prairie Mountain Health Region

Prairie Mountain Health which includes the former Assiniboine, Brandon and Parkland Regional Health Authorities.

Prairie Mountain Health encompasses an area of over 66,000 square kilometres and employs over 8,500 people.

Aboriginal Human Resources

Tawaw, biidigen, tanyan yahi, peetigway, tunngahugit, welcome.  The office of Aboriginal Human Resources welcomes you to Prairie Mountain Health.

About us

Our office provides support to all peoples regardless of their cultural identity. However, our main area of focus is providing service to community and staff members who self-identify as Aboriginal.

As you may already know, approximately 22,140 Aboriginal people reside in the Prairie Mountain Health region; representing approximately 14.1% of the overall Prairie Mountain Health area population (Statistics Canada, 2006). So, in order to properly serve these people our office works diligently on the recruitment of qualified individuals who self-identify as Aboriginal.

Our Aboriginal Workforce Initiative focuses on the following:

  • We will support the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal people by using a community based approach.
  • We will increase awareness of health care related career opportunities within the Aboriginal community.
  • We will create a welcoming and supportive workplace environment where Aboriginal employees can develop and prosper.
  • We will create an environment which promotes cultural safety.

Our office also provides various retention strategies that help to ensure that Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, when hired, remain employed with our organization. We do this through the use of the following:

  • Education and Information workshops
  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness sessions for staff
  • Support and Liaison services to staff

In addition, Aboriginal Human Resources can be the link between internal and external supports, as well as between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff /clients. Aboriginal Human Resources can assist in connecting staff with any of the following:

  • Aboriginal Health Coordinator
  • Aboriginal Spiritual Care Provider
  • Aboriginal Community Liaison Worker
  • Aboriginal Mental Health Worker
  • Aboriginal Elder Visitations
  • Community based support services
  • Aboriginal Language Interpreters

* (All service may not be available in all areas)

For more information regarding the services we provide please contact the office nearest to you:

Brandon: 204-578-4762
Dauphin: 204-638-5707
Swan River: 204-734-6642