Interlake - Eastern Regional Health Authority

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority is responsible for the planning and delivery of health care service to meet the needs of the population we serve.

With an area of 61,000 square kilometres, the region extends east to the Ontario border, north to the 53rd parallel, west to the eastern shores of Lake Manitoba and south to Winnipeg’s north perimeter dipping down just past Winnipeg to slightly below the Trans-Canada Highway eastwards to Ontario. A significant portion of the region is considered northern with a remote area accessible only by air, water or a winter road system.

There are over 124,000 people living in the region with a population that increases exponentially over the summer with cottage owners and vacationers enjoying the multitude of lakes and beaches within our boundaries. We are culturally diverse with Aboriginal populations comprising 22 per cent of the region’s residents inclusive of 17 First Nation communities. We are designated as an official French Language regional health authority.

Aboriginal HR

The Interlake-Eastern RHA is composed of 17 First Nation communities and 24 Métis Locals representing almost one-quarter of our regional population. It is expected that by the year 2020 approximately one in four people entering the workforce in Manitoba will be Aboriginal.

The goal of the Aboriginal HR Initiative is to build a representational workforce that is reflective of the Aboriginal population within the region. Working in partnership with the Aboriginal communities in our region, the Interlake-Eastern RHA is committed to increasing the representation of Aboriginal people within all levels of our workforce. The Aboriginal HR Initiative is intended to promote opportunities for Aboriginal people living in the Interlake-Eastern region. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Promoting employment opportunities and increasing the representation of Aboriginal people employed within all levels of the Interlake-Eastern RHA.
  • Identifying challenges to employment and identifying solutions to address those challenges.
  • The on-going development and implementation of a cultural awareness training program.
  • Enhancing training and education programs.
  • Encouraging Aboriginal individuals to apply for employment and to self identify as being of Aboriginal descent upon hiring so that we can track the progress of our efforts.  
  • Creating innovative retention strategies.

For more information about the Initiative, please contact: Robert Maytwayashing at (204) 762-6506 or email at or Lori Buors at (204) 646-2504 (general delivery mailbox) or (204) 762-6509 or email at, Lundar Health Centre, 97 – 1st Street South, Box 296, Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0.